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Our goals are to be different. We don’t want to do the norm, and we want you to have an amazing experience by working with us.


The layout is going to consist of zones, based on Country, or Specialism.

Within each Zone, there will be options to have your own bespoke stand, or to join a larger stand.

The larger stand will be run by the London Wine Festivals staff; and any wine/winery, all we’d ask is for some training on your wine(s) so our sommeliers / bar staff can proficiently talk about your wine to those visiting.

If you’d like your wine listed…


1. £250 per bottle of wine

2. £1000 for branding

3. 50% cut of all sales on the stand


Your Own Stand

£478 per square meter, minimum 6 x 3.

35% cut of all sales on the stand.

If you’d like your own stand, please let us know by completing the form below. Average price per square meter is £450 to include the stand being built.

Should you wish to have your wine / winery on the main 



The price of an exhibition stand is £2300 + VAT and includes:

  • 3m x 2m exhibition space
  • 6ft table and 2 chairs
  • Power supply
  • 2 passes to invite anyone you like (if you would like more please ask)
  • Ice we will have on site
  • There is lots of space to store wines or collateral and we will have staff on site to assist

To view terms and conditions, please click here


  • As part of working with us at the London Wine Festival (‘LWF’) we will be pleased to support you and include you in our email communications to all attendees and trade buyers we know, plus social media marketing we do.
  • We would also happily use any video footage you have of your vineyard/production facility and create something we can use to push out.
  • Anything we send out, we’ll send to you first for approval.
  • Our goal is to continue to support you for a 12-month period, not just at the event.


To secure your place, all we ask for is a non-refundable deposit of £250.

The full balance is to be settled within 30 days of the invoice being issued, and MUST be paid before the start date of the exhibition.

March 2017

Jonathan, the founder of the London Wine Festival is fortunate enough to have some very good European friends, some a few very close Dutch fiends.

So he and 15 others all organised to head over to the Netherlands, Amsterdam, and catch up and go to the Amsterdam Wine Festival.

We had an amazing experience, tried out wines we’d not tried before, and ended up buying from suppliers at that event.


The Founder of the London Wine Festival, his previous business was organising huge sports events (10,000-14,000 participants) at each event, at major venues and parks across the UK. He used to organise 8 a year.

Covid however forced him to sell this business, but whilst having some wine with one of his past sponsors, Democratic Wines, we questioned why the UK didn’t have a really good consumer event, like they did in Amsterdam.

And it was here the London Wine Festival idea was born.

2021 - now

Jonathan then spoke to over 100 wineries to just gauge their interest, and find out if it was something they’d like to do, or get involved with.

And it was unanimous and excitingly for Jonathan and his colleagues, most of the wineries they spoke to all felt it was such a great idea and everyone wondered why this hadn’t be done before.

However Jonathan soon realised why it hadn’t be done before! The amount of work involved, and is needed, is unprecedented. But Jonathan now has his heart set on this when he’s got a goal he wants to fulfil, he doesn’t stop!


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