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7th - 10th Dec / Truman Brewery

Supporting independent brands, producers, & purveyors,
whilst enabling Londoners & the UK to experience new discoveries.


Why are we doing what we’re doing?

The Event

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Who are we targeting to come to the event?

Some stats

The benefits of attending a live event as a business

Solutions & Goals

Our goals for the year


The expected timelines


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The Team

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Why the LWF?

Harvesting Untapped Potential:
Cultivating a New Vintage of Customers for Vineyards

Wine is still perceived as intimidating, quite formal and egotistical in the UK, with many events unappealing to a huge range of existing wine drinkers.

This limits the ability for wineries and producers to expose their brand and wines to a huge audience who may genuinely like their wines, but just never get the opportunity to try them.

With most wine marketed around tasting notes and points, instead of any sense of enjoyment and fun, The London Wine Festival is hoping to change this.

We’re appealing to the generation who are not wanting to dress up formally, or discuss notes and points of wine. We simply allow people to experience and enjoy amazing wines with great music and conversation, in an informal setting. Whilst also supporting wineries to expose their brands to a wider demographic, who may not have heard of them, or experienced their wines before. We believe many are eager to learn and be inspired, though just in a less formal setting.

We consider wine to be a social drink, a connector that is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Wine is for entertaining and engaging. And starting the conversation.

Helping vineyards reach new customers and educating our audiences about new wines.


We’re reinventing what it means to attend a wine festival. Unlike other wine festivals in the UK, our festival focuses on creating a fun and engaging atmosphere that resonates with wine enthusiasts and casual consumers alike.

Helping vineyards reach new customers and educating our audiences about new wines.


We’re reinventing what it means to attend a wine festival. Unlike other wine festivals in the UK, our festival focuses on creating a fun and engaging atmosphere that resonates with wine enthusiasts and casual consumers alike.

Making a positive impact on the world of wines.

Key to the success of the event, and the success of those involved, is ensuring there’s well thought out plans post-event.

Through carefully curated data capture points, this will help us understand more about our audiences preferences, and then help us to directly market your brand to them, after the event.

Because once the event is finished, that’s when the real work begins!

Our goals are to continually engage on digital channels, sharing partners content, promotions and general information about our partners brands.

Solutions & Goals

We’re organising two prominent annual events: a winter wine festival and a summer wine festival (2024).

These events will cater to a specific target audience, specifically individuals aged between 25 and 50, who possess a strong affinity for wine, enjoy a good disposable income, and express a genuine interest in expanding their knowledge about wine.

Our primary objectives revolve around fostering the growth of our audiences and databases, thereby serving as a valuable link between consumers and wineries throughout the year.

Using various channels such as social media, email communications, and live events, we aim to act as matchmakers, facilitating connections and interactions between wine enthusiasts and wineries.

Data capture, and comms.

We’re all about events that are backed up and supported by data capture, and digital and social media strategies, encompassing pre-event and post-event communications.

To enhance our data capture, and support brands further, through cashless card payment gateways on each stand, we’ll be able to track spending across the event per attendee. This will help us understand which stands they visited, and what amount they spent. Going one step further, we will be proactively engaging with our festival attendees to find out what their preferred wines were, through a rating system using digital technology.

This will help us understand more about their preferences, and then help us to directly market your wine to them, after the event. Because once the event is finished, that’s when the real work begins! This isn’t just about you turning up to an event and going home.

In addition, we will extend invitations to PR and media professionals, elevating our wine festival experience to new heights. By involving these industry influencers, we aim to amplify our offerings and create an even greater impact.

This, coupled with continually engaging on digital channels, sharing your content, and information about your brand will continue to keep your brand front and mind of attendees.

A festival that makes your winery shine

We’re here to put a spotlight on your winery. To help you stand out from the crowd.

And to support you to ultimately improve your brand awareness and drive sales.

The power of live events

times more powerful than tv advertising

times more effective than print media

times more successful than radio ads


improvement in perception of the quality of value of your brand


think your brand is more innovative than other brands after attending

The Team

Jonathan Geitner

Jonathan Geitner

Founder of the London Wine Festival. Loves putting on great events and supporting independent businesses.

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Frank Marr

Frank Marr

Frank supports the commercial areas of the London Wine Festival, having spent 12 years working in the wine tourism sector.

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Nina Keyser

Nina Keyser

Nina heads up our social media. If you’ve been talking to anyone on social channels, it’s probably Nina!

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Chidi  Eze

Chidi Eze

Chidi supports with all things admin related, keeping us all on track!

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Emily Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson

Emily is our amazing project manager, helping us turn our ideas into products and services.

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Project Mgr

Oliver Palmer

Oliver Palmer

Ollie supports on all things CAD and visually. The floor plans for our events, and putting things into 3D models.

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Target Audience

We cater to a diverse audience of wine enthusiasts spanning a variety of age groups, with a particular focus on individuals aged 25 to 50.

Our aim is to engage those who genuinely appreciate wine but have felt disenchanted by existing wine events, which often lean towards a dull and egotistical atmosphere that lacks broad appeal.

Our event offers an exciting alternative, embracing the enjoyment of wine alongside live music, great cuisine, and vibrant socialising.

It’s an immersive experience designed to pique the curiosity of attendees, encouraging them to explore and expand their knowledge of new and captivating wines.

Gen-Y2 / Millennials

GenY2 (28-39 years old)


40-54 years old 

Baby Boomers

55-75 years old

While our event welcomes attendees of all ages, our primary target demographic consists of individuals aged 25 to 50, with a higher-than-average disposable income. However the allure of our festival extends beyond age, captivating wine enthusiasts who appreciate quality experiences and are eager to indulge in the finest offerings.

While we have a strong focus on attracting attendees from London, a bustling hub of wine appreciation, we anticipate a diverse turnout from neighboring counties and surrounding areas. Our event’s appeal transcends geographical boundaries, drawing in wine lovers from various regions who seek unforgettable moments and a memorable wine festival experience.

Reach Your Target Audience

01 Wine

Wines from the best independent wineries

02 Food

An array of street food to suit everyone’s taste

03 Entertainment

Live bands and DJs will keep everyone entertained and an upbeat atmosphere

04 Activities

Activities to enjoy without exerting much effort!

All at easily accessible, fabulous venues.

The Event

One Comprehensive Package

Customer Acquisition


Our comprehensive marketing approach will seamlessly integrate both online and offline channels, enabling us to effectively connect with our target audience and maximize outreach. Additionally, we will harness the power of influencers, leveraging their influence to amplify our message and enhance brand engagement.

To attract attendees we’ve allocated a large budget for online digital marketing, and partnerships and we will select other options based on below. We’ll be driving ticket sales through social media, paid ad campaigns, PR and newsletter campaigns. We will also be running campaigns via businesses and networks.

  • Social media marketing – content, targeted and high-spend direct adverts
  • Consumer Media Partners – official partners will be announced in early September
  • Trade Media Partners – official partners will be announced in late August/ early September
  • Strategic Partnerships – sponsors, London and Partners, VisitBritain/ Visit England and wine associations
  • Affiliated Marketing – third-party marketing via sponsors and consumer influencers
  • Public Relations and SEO – media communication, publicity and media write-ups
  • Advertising – via media, OOH and other platforms
  • Influencer Marketing – working with brand ambassadors
  • Newsletter Marketing – we currently have a large consumer database of interest


promotion schedule

Our extensive promotion strategy consistently engages our audience through a well-crafted mix of activities, including frequent updates on our social media channels, targeted advertising campaigns, and thoughtfully curated email newsletters sent to our subscriber list.

Venue & Date

The Truman Brewery

Thurs 7th – Sun 10th Dec 2023

The first event is at the renowned Truman Brewery.

The Truman Brewery, East London’s revolutionary arts and media quarter, is home to a hive of creative businesses as well as exclusively independent shops, galleries, markets, bars and restaurants.

For over twenty years the Truman Brewery has been regenerating its ten acres of vacant and derelict buildings into spectacular office, retail, leisure and event spaces. The finely tuned mix of business and leisure has created an environment unique in London, making the Truman Brewery a destination in its own right.


The Truman Brewery

Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

The Space 

The Schedule

Thursday, the first day is a trade, media and influencer day during the day before the event opens up to consumers in the evening.

Friday and Saturday are two sessions, an afternoon session and an evening session and on Sunday the event is open from 1pm to 7pm for a lazy afternoon!

What's happening
Being Announced Soon
Set Up
Being Announced Soon
Trade: 12:30-17:30
Consumer: 18:30-23:30
Being Announced Soon
Trade: 10:00-12:30
Consumer: 12:30-17:30
Consumer: 18:30-23:30
Being Announced Soon
Consumer: 12:30-17:30
Consumer: 18:30-23:30
Being Announced Soon
Consumer: 12:30-19:00
Being Announced Soon

Activations & Ideas

We’ve got something for everyone

There's a multitude of things to get involved with at the London Wine Festival.

We've listed a few ideas below, from pop up shops and interactive zones through to chill out zones.

Best thing is to take a look at the pdf below, and get in touch with us to discuss some ideas.

Send us a message on WhatsApp

activation ideas

There are multiple opportunities for activations at the London Wine Festival to connect with attendees.

From Coachella-style 'Instagrammable' backdrops and stands to games (such as an area for petanque and croquet), through to branding of the London Wine Festivals Souvenir glasses, each attendee will take home, and RFDI wristbands, to our app which is to collect data during the event for marketing to attendees post-event.

Here are just a few ideas to get the brain working!

  • Physical products all attendees will keep
    • Glasses (they use to taste all the wine and take home)
    • RFID Wristbands
  • Music, Bands, and DJs
    • Brands can be recognised audibly and visually through the bands and DJs at the event
  • Staffing
    • Clothing for staff at the event (think Ralph Lauren and Wimbledon)
    • Staff costs where your brand can be recognised as the one "actually providing" the wine.
  • Zones
    • e.g. seating areas, food, or any combination
    • Instagrammable section/zones/stands to boost social media activity during the event
    • Games and activities (e.g. Petanque, crushing grapes, may be even some croquet. If you have any other ideas, let us know!)
  • Technology
    • Cashless Payments - touchpoints all users will experience throughout the event
    • Mobile App all users will be using, and that will be used afterwards for purchasing wines
  • Video and Photography at the event

Our info pack

You can download or print – just hover over the icons in the grey bar that sits above the PDF.

Interested? Lets talk!

The Age Of Wine Is Here!

Drink Wine, Feel Fine!


Live Music

Keeping you entertained

Games & Activities

A mix of activities to amuse, learn & inspire

Wines From Around The World

Supporting independent wineries

Great Tasting Street Food

From around the world.

To be enjoyed with anyone!

Colleagues, Friends, Family...