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Terrafusa Wines

A small production of high-quality wines from Mt. Etna. Made from old vines grown 870 meters above sea level on black volcanic soil.

Family-run vineyard, Sophie is French and Dino is from Sicily. They met in East London over a bottle of wine and soon became life partners.

Visit: https://terrafusa.net


Dugladze Wines

Dimitri Dugladze, who was distinguished by his entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism, great love and loyalty to his work, made a great contribution to the creation of the “Dugladze Wine Company” enterprise. He played a big role in the development of Georgian winemaking and alcoholic beverages production, throughout his career his constant goal was to supply high-quality products to consumers both in Georgia and abroad.

Visit: http://dwc.ge


Missing Gate Vineyard

New English vineyard, cultivated for generations. We are a family-run business, with a background in farming and food-technology, based in the heart of Essex.

We produce world-class still English wines with no compromise between quality and sustainability.

Visit: https://www.missinggate.com



Alcohol-free sparkling wine, reimagined.

Italians love getting together with family and friends, where the drink flows and the food is delicious. But, whilst alcohol usually turns a gathering into a party, sometimes you just don’t want to drink – the calories, the nagging headache, the drowsiness…

Made using proprietary Zero Gradi™ technology, so all you have is a wonderful, complex flavour to enjoy, completely guilt-free. Now you can drink like an Italian any and every day!

Visit: https://www.bolledrinks.com


Domaine Alice Hartmann

A fabulous winery based in Luxembourg.

Visit: https://alice-hartmann.lu


Jungic Winery

Jungic Winery has received numerous recognitions and significant awards for its persistence, artistry and quality, and each is the pride of our winery and a great incentive for further work.

Today, grape vines are planted on the slopes of the village of Markovac in an area of around 6 hectares, with more than 18000 vines of top-quality wine sorts.

Visit: https://www.vinarijajungic.com/en


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