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**Terms of Agreement and Deposit System for Vineyards Exhibiting at the London Wine Festival**

**1. Introduction**

This document outlines the terms of agreement and deposit system for vineyards participating as exhibitors at the London Wine Festival. By signing this agreement and submitting a deposit, the vineyard agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined below.

**2. Event Details**

– Event: London Wine Festival
– Date: [Event Date]
– Venue: [Event Venue]
– Organizers: [Event Organizer]
– Contact: [Organizer Contact Information]

**3. Exhibitor’s Responsibilities**

The vineyard agrees to the following responsibilities:

– Provide a representative booth at the festival to showcase wines.
– Display and serve wines within the allocated booth space.
– Provide knowledgeable staff to engage with attendees and answer questions about the wines.
– Comply with all local, regional, and national laws and regulations pertaining to alcohol distribution and sales.
– Maintain a professional and respectful demeanor towards attendees, organizers, and fellow exhibitors.
– Follow event guidelines regarding booth setup, branding, and signage.

**4. Booth Reservation and Deposit**

– Booth Space: The vineyard will be provided with a designated booth space for the duration of the event.
– Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of [Deposit Amount] is required upon signing this agreement to secure the booth space. This deposit will be deducted from the total exhibitor fee.

**5. Exhibitor Fee**

– The total exhibitor fee is [Total Fee Amount].
– The remaining balance after deducting the deposit is due by [Balance Due Date].
– Payment can be made via [Accepted Payment Methods].

**6. Cancellation and Refunds**

– In the event of cancellation by the vineyard, the deposit will not be refunded.
– If cancellation occurs [Number] days prior to the event, the vineyard will be responsible for [Percentage]% of the total exhibitor fee.
– Cancellations made within [Number] days of the event will result in the vineyard being responsible for the full exhibitor fee.

**7. Insurance and Liability**

– The vineyard is responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for its booth, products, and staff.
– The vineyard will hold harmless and indemnify the event organizers against any claims, liabilities, or losses arising from its participation in the event.

**8. Alcohol Distribution**

– The vineyard is responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations related to alcohol distribution.
– Any sales or distribution of alcohol must be conducted within legal parameters.

**9. Marketing and Promotion**

– The vineyard grants permission to the event organizers to use its name, logo, and promotional materials for marketing and promotional purposes related to the London Wine Festival.

**10. Termination**

– The event organizers reserve the right to terminate this agreement and remove the vineyard from the event if it fails to comply with the terms and conditions outlined herein.

**11. Agreement Acceptance**

By signing below, the vineyard acknowledges that it has read, understood, and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

**Vineyard Representative Name:** ________________________
**Date:** ________________________
**Signature:** ________________________

**Event Organizer Representative Name:** ________________________
**Date:** ________________________
**Signature:** ________________________

This document constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior discussions or agreements. Amendments to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.